Sustainable Economy?
We provide evidence-based support

Economic Modelling PLatform for sUStainibility

Economic, environment, and social aspects of the modern world are highly interdependent and complex. EMPLUS- Economic Modelling PLatform for sUStainibility, provide a flexible and transparent decision support system to model sustainability policies that will take in to account all the three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental, and economic. When preparing a policy recommendation for the EU, a national or regional governments, or a business, EM-PLUS helps to get a grip on the complexity of the world by providing practical insights for an evidence-based decision making.

Using EM-PLUS, our team of Economists have provided support to organizations such as the European Commission and the Dutch government for the impact assessment of suitability policies. These include analyzing distributional issues of environmental and resource efficiency policies with focus on climate change, impacts of local air pollutants on health, scarcity of natural resources and land use competition between food and bioenergy, renewable energy and energy efficient technologies.

EM-PLUS reports

Report on ecological footprint

The global resource footprint of nations: carbon, water, land and materials embodied in trade and final consumption

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Report on labour market impacts

Assessing the implications of climate change adaptation on employment in the EU

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Report on resource efficient scenarios

Integrated scenario interpretation EXIOMOD/LPJmL

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